What if?

I have brain cancer or more accurately glioblastoma (most of you know this by now). A couple of weeks ago, Maria Menounos (famous TV personality) came out saying she recently had surgery to remove a brain tumor and was stepping down from her job. This while her mom suffers from exactly what I have, brain cancer.  A few days after Maria made her announcement, Senator John McCain announces that he has glioblastoma. Glioblastoma is the most common form of brain cancer, is automatically classed at Stage IV, and has a bleak survival rate. It kills most.

True, the argument can be made that I’m noticing all the cancer and brain cancer people now that I have brain cancer. A few weeks ago, I would have tended to agree. Last week, I read an article which said fifty percent of Americans will now get cancer. That’s flipping a coin for crying out loud. A couple of years ago, the percentage of an American getting cancer was thirty-three percent.

Now for the real question – why is the rate of cancer increasing?

This question got me to thinking: could the rise in cancer rates, especially among younger people, be due to cell-phones? Or on a broader level – could it be due to wi-fi?

And no offense, but I do not think it takes a scientist or doctor to figure this out – the answer is a “duh of course cell-phones and wi-fi are increasing cancer.” But even if we know that cell-phones and wi-fi cause cancer, what then?

Cell-phone companies are multi-billion maybe trillion dollar companies. Wi-fi and internet companies are as well. If you’ve seen anything about Monsanto and how they handle questions and studies regarding GMO’s, these media companies are bound to do the same – spend millions upon millions of dollars on Phd’s and scientists to write studies, academic papers, and swear in court “proving” that GMO’s don’t add any increased risk of cancer, sickness, or destroying the entire planet. This will no doubt be the cell-phone and internet companies strategy as well. When billions of dollars are at stake – expect people to play billion dollar games. It’s that simple.

So what can we do? Limit cell-phone and wi-fi usage. Don’t use headphones with your cell-phone. Use speaker phone as much as possible. If cell-phones do in fact cause cancer or brain cancer, do you really want to magnify the odds that you get it by holding the cancer device (cell-phone) to your head? I don’t think so. Let me mention something I haven’t told you yet – the most common form of brain cancer is stage IV glioblastoma and is the most common form of brain cancer. If you get brain cancer, chances are this is what you’ll get. With that being said, using speaker phone just became a lot easier.

Let’s tease this thought experiment out just a bit more. Where do you put your cell-phone? In the pocket of your pants. What is the pocket of your pants close to? Testicles for men and ovaries for women. Also throw in your stomach and internal organs. If cell-phones are cancer causing like I expect, do you really want to severely increase your chance of getting testicular or ovarian cancer? I didn’t think so.

Lastly, what if the cancer increase is attributable to wi-fi rather than a “cell-phone”? I don’t know the answer, but I’ll tell you what I do. Every night, I turn off all electronic devices. This includes wi-fi, computers, phones, and anything else that I can get my hands on. And yes, I’m aware this doesn’t stop all of the wi-fi signals flying through the walls of our homes 24/7. This is simply all that I can think of a person can do to curtail wi-fi beams flying through them.

My goal with this brief article was to force you to think “what if this is true”?

8 thoughts on “What if?

  1. James, I agree completely! Esp with the phones! I am only 44 and get laughed at by nearly everyone because I own a flip phone! Yes. I know. So many people I see are always on their phone..talking on it, looking at it, etc that they don’t notice anyone around them.! So I am a big believer in just keeping it simple with the cell phone. As far as wi–fi even if you don’t use it they are everywhere and you are usually in the “cross hairs” of some invisible microwaves, IMO. I know I may sound like a crazy crank, but I don’t think so..at least not when it comes to this.. At least when it comes to the iphone. A great inventions that is ruining society, IMO. -Neil

  2. It’s still hard to say but I totally agree with erring on the side of caution.
    So many factors are involved but it would be irresponsible to ignore links. Studies haven’t been able to take everything into account such as signal strength, duration, placement, predispositions, young tissue, old tissue, etc. to begin the list. Similar to our problems studying pesticide exposure or autism; overwhelming variables but I’m confident we can eventually produce the ability to form solid conclusions.
    I’m grateful to have encountered your strength and positive voice. Keep up the good fight and continue enjoying your family :^) We all live on through those we encounter, especially our children.

    1. Thanks Heather!! And that’s so funny you mentioned kids – you may find it hard to believe but it hit me today after reading through one of Nassim Taleb’s books that my kids are in fact carrying my genes/genetic code. This thought gave me a warm peaceful feeling. Love your comment!!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing about this awful ordeal. I have a 14 yr old daughter that I have been very concerned for bc she is constantly on her cell phone. I do believe that cell phones are not good for you mentally or physically

    1. I agree – it’s something that’s too new to understand how dangerous they are. Best guess is in 20 years or so we’ll have realized that they cause cancer, tumors, and mental issues.

  4. Thank you for speaking out. There are many others who either confirm or share your suspicion, including numerous studies.

    Airplane mode is your friend. Ethernet is your friend. Speaker is sure better than holding 2.4GHz radiation up to your ear. Learn about the inverse square law of radiation exposure. Get an RF meter that measures 2.4GHz radiation and keep your exposure level as close to 5 microwatts per square meter as you can, especially where you sleep, but ideally all the time. Stay as far from microwave ovens (HUGE source) and Wi-Fi routers (constant source) as possible. Supplementing heavily with potassium gluconate is something some do to help heal.

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