How I made ~$50k in 3 months with Food Delivery!

Back in December 2016, I wrote this post, where I told you that I was starting a food delivery company. My company started operations mid January 2017. In February 2017 I had a seizure and found out I had stage 4 brain cancer. March 2, 2017 (my birthday), I had brain surgery to remove the […]

fuck you money - a-how to

Fuck you money – How to get it without getting rich

If you feel safe in your job, you’re never going to get rich. Why? Risk/reward baby, nothing more.. Let me tell you a little secret – I’m going to tell you how to get fuck you money, without having millions in the bank. Hell, you don’t even need a $1,000 in the bank. Here’s how to […]

Food-delivery-Amarillo-Texas-Yellow City Delivery

A couple weeks into my new business venture

What’s up peeps?!! I’m back in the entrepreneur game in a big way with my new food delivery service “Yellow City Delivery” in Amarillo, Texas! Seriously, it’s by far and away the best food delivery service in Amarillo. Just saying 🙂 Ok, so here’s a quick rundown of my life and what’s been going on! […]

Entrepreneur Ride Along anyone?!?!

So if you’ve followed me and my writings, you know that I practice what I preach. I don’t theorize, I do. A few months ago, I talked about food delivery services and how you can make a killing in starting one. At the same time I was in the process of starting one. But life […]