Chess versus 4D Chess aka Dota 2 or League of Legends. Hear me out!

You know chess right? The nerdy board game consisting of Knights, Kings, and Queens. That type of crap. Right sure you do. Here’s the money shot – would nerds from olden days, choose to play chess today or would they choose a harder, more strategic and complex 4D game such as Dota 2 or League of Legends? I’m seriously interested in your response to this question! So please comment below with your feedback!

Did you hear about the guy who got his left side cut off? He’s alright now…

Once my brain got cut on and cut out, I  may have lost some memory. Time will tell lol.  Actually I don’t think it was the cutting of my brain but rather getting my head blasted by radiation and chemotherapy that “somewhat” affected my memory. Anywhooo (pronounced in Seinfeld voice), the point is that I haven’t been around a lot lately because I’ve been doing an in-depth dive into memory, how it works, how to improve it, etc, and I came away with some really cool takeaways. There really isn’t a handbook out there titled “Exercises to improve memory because I took some hardcore drugs that affected it”.

In my feeble attempt at improving my memory I memorized chess moves, read a lot of books, wrote things down, made lists, journaled (like a beanie wearing hipster puss), learned how to play guitar, learned how to play Dota 2 (which will take you more than a year, promise), and completed a whole host of other things, not limited to drugs. Ok, I didn’t take drugs, just vitamins and herbal supplements, like weed. Again, just kidding.

And now, I’m back to the internet of things, the world wide web to share with you what I have come to think of memory. Drum roll please………….ok. memory and having a badass memory (like I used to have) is cool but not that cool. Actually it can be a hindrance. Having a crazy good memory can make you unable to sleep at night. It can stress you out.

Forgetting things however, is good. Forgiving people even better. Why should you care if you don’t remember what XYZ book said if you want to live everyday like your last? You shouldn’t care. You should live everyday like your last and that leaves no space for memory. If you have something important to do say for business, write it down. If it’s important, write it down. If it’s not, who cares.

This is simply a short little blurb from a blurbed out dude, trying his best to survive and fight for his life while doing the right thing, even when you’re not looking.

P.S. I joined a startup with some cool dudes with a cool, innovating product. More news on this coming soon!



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