Fuck you money – How to get it without getting rich

If you feel safe in your job, you’re never going to get rich.

Why? Risk/reward baby, nothing more..

Let me tell you a little secret – I’m going to tell you how to get fuck you money, without having millions in the bank. Hell, you don’t even need a $1,000 in the bank.

Here’s how to do it – you have to rid yourself of any materialist beliefs and needs. Are you one of those guys who cares about wearing name brand clothes, expensive cars, big houses, and would feel like an utter, worthless moron if he didn’t have these things? If this applies to you, then wake the fuck up!

Not only do you not need to care about these things, you shouldn’t care about being employed. Why? As above, you won’t get rich working for a company either. Feeling all safe and cozy, sitting in your cubicle looking over lines and lines of Excel shit! That’s no way to live my friend. Well, for some it is. Some people do in fact enjoy living in captivity. But I digress – to each their own.

Adding on to this framework, beware if you are in a relationship with a woman that has these materialist beliefs. It will only make your quest to become powerful that much harder. Anyhow, moving on.

So, here’s where we are at: (1) you can’t give a damn about material possessions, (2) nor give a damn about being employed at a company.

If you’ve taken my course or read any of my previous posts, then you already know that creating company and making decent money is easy. This is why I advise people to quit their job and stop thinking so hard about it. This falls under the risk/reward rubric mentioned above. It also the first thing that begins to separate the winners from the losers. The losers get cold feet when it comes nut cutting time and crawl back to their cubicles. The renegades trust their gut intuition that things are better on the other side, they quit, and above-all, they never look back.

I’m going to digress for a minute here and separate some folks out: those who work at companies, those who buy franchises, those who are born into family companies, and the renegades who do it all themselves. First, I’m not even going to discuss people born into a family business. That merits zero from me. Second people who work for companies simply get caught up in the regular ol’ day to day and realize a bit too late they should’ve done something different. The person who buys a franchise is just one little notch higher than the corporate employee, but not by much. The person who buys a franchise wants everything handed to them and done for them already (marketing, construction of their building, how to do this, how to do that, etc etc). In truth, they didn’t create anything. They just run it.

Then you have the renegade types that say screw it all and create things on their own. These individuals have some common characteristics (they are talented in multiple areas such as marketing, web design, seo, social media, widely read, good writers, and most importantly are out of the box thinkers). These types are the one’s who create companies, not simply run them. These are voted most likely to quit corporate America, as well as most likely to have bad relationships with bosses and “superiors”.

I’m going to sum up this post with an example. Who is in a more powerful position: the VP with two house payments, car payments, college payments, credit card payments, and the assumption that he/she will remain perpetually employed of the guy who creates his own wealth, doesn’t care or need the above material possessions,  and relies on virtually no one to do it?

Here’s the ultimate heuristic – the next time you’re out and about during the middle of the week and walk into Best Buy, a mall, or other location, and you see the 35 year old guy walking around in a hoodie and jeans, think twice about him being a “loser”. There’s a good chance he’s more powerful than your boss.


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4 thoughts on “Fuck you money – How to get it without getting rich

  1. An article that makes little sense. You basically say that one shouldn’t have materialistic desires and secondly needs to have the ability to create his/her own company. Beyond that there is no content as you just regurgitate the same point over and over again!

    1. You’re correct – this isn’t rocket science. After all, in an ideal world I could simply list it out (1) don’t have material desires, and (2) own your own company and leave the rest to your elaboration. I’m sure you’re smart so elaborate.

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