Uggs boots – a furry observation

Uggs boots – if you’re a guy and have a female friend, girlfriend, fiancé, or wife, then chances are you know about these boots.

These boots came on the scene a few years ago and looked like this:


Pretty nice right? The boots are warm, lined with fur to keep your feet warm in the winter months. Last night, while looking through some shops with my wife, I suddenly realized the Uggs boots which I had come to associate with the above image, had suddenly changed to this:



The difference? The fur which was once on the inside is now on the outside! Why? My guess is that women, while loving the initial idea of having fur on the inside of the boots weren’t satisfied with it! Why? Because they wanted other people to realize their boots had fur! The solution – put the fur on the outside of the boots, thus demonstrating to the world that their boots have fur!

This is a short post, and I’m sorry if it offends some of you. IMO it is an accurate analysis 🙂


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