Selling Real Estate drone services – A PRIMER

I’ve shared the following information on a podcast I recently did and figured it’s about time I share this insight and strategy with my readers.

If you’ve read my drone posts, then you know I advise to stay away from real estate pictures and videos. My most popular blog post found here details how I made over $50,000 in 7 days with a drone. But I never really said why (to stray away from real estate) exactly. It’s a combination of reasons really – bigger money to be made doing inspections and realtors simply don’t have a lot of money to spend on drone videos and pictures. 

The average realtor just makes enough to get by. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just don’t expect a lot of realtors to agree to pay you big money for making a simple little drone video of a home for sale.

However, there are some realtors who do have this kind of money – namely the ones that regularly sell multi-million dollar properties. It’s easy to find out who these realtors are. Simply go to Zillow and narrow the search of homes to million dollar properties. From there you will have a list of multi-million dollar properties along with you guessed it – corresponding realtors. Look through enough listings and trends start to emerge, like the names of realtors who have listed multiple million dollar properties. Open up Google Docs and add all of the realtors contact info. These realtors are your targets.

Another strategy that I’ve used with big success (in Texas anyways) is finding realtors who specialize in selling big tracts of land, businesses, ranches, etc. Typically, there are a few realtors who do this and will have no qualms about paying you big money to make videos and pictures for them. Think long term contracts here.

Finally my personal favorite – selling drone services to multi million-dollar for sale by owner homes. Simply drive down the streets where all of the million dollar homes are and look for FOR SALE BY OWNER signs in the front yard. You can do two things here: (1) go knock on the door and sell your service right then and there, or (2) notate the contact info and then call the homeowner up selling your services over the phone.

Now for some psychology – these million dollar homeowners love to stand out, that’s one of the reasons they own million dollar homes. They always want to one-up their neighbors and have things that other people do not. You play on this knowledge by saying things like “no one else is doing this right now and you’ll have something that no one else has.” For times sake I won’t list all of the different ways you can pitch a home owner, but you get the drift.

I’ve given you these basics and the philosophical insight, now it’s up to you to do your part and sell your damn service!


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