Quora continuing to censor the truth

A couple of days ago, I wrote an answer on Quora that began to go viral. Today, it really began to go viral and was being spread all across the internet on Twitter. As you know, I have a troubled past with Quora. They have limited from the get go. My current stats are 1.9k followers, 1.8 million answer views. But that is weak compared to my true stats which are closer to 4 million views, but that doesn’t show because every answer I write that begins going viral (most of my answers) they automatically delete.

Why? Because Quora is composed of corporate trash. Their job is to paint a rosy picture of life in the United States while talking a lot about incremental pointless information. So if you come on the scene with a truckload of truth you can fully expect to be silenced.

The first couple of times this happened to me, I (stupidly) gave Quora the benefit of the doubt. However, enough is enough. They only delete the answers that I write that are chock full of truth. If you’ve read the book 1984, then you know full well we are living in exactly those times. And I don’t want to the person that just shuts up about it and turns over, pretending things are not truly that way. The fact is that corporate America does not want massive amounts of people waking up to the truth – the truth that we are slaves to debt, that college is pointless, that the fashion industry is bogus, and mortgages are a joke.

Below is the last post I will ever write on Quora. It’s the most recent one that Quora moderation deleted. What’s interesting is why Quora would delete it if all Quorans were upvoting and liking it? That’s the hard question with the easy answer – they are corporate rats in the purest form.

P.S. I openly challenge the Quora mod that continues to delete my viral answers to a street fight. I’ll send you back to the rat hole you came from.


Avoid debt like EBOLA. What I mean is along the lines of Tyler Derden in Fight Club, “The things you own end up owning you.”

  1. Most people don’t own their homes. People pay to go to college and study in the hopes of one day landing a high paying job so they can buy a big house just like other people. Two things happen: (1) this person has to pay back all of the college debt and (2) now they are in big debt with a house payment. PERMANENT SLAVE = YES.
    1. Side note – You can lease gov land for $3,000 for 50 years. You can buy a shipping container for $1,000 and create your home. This means you can effectively own your home outright for about +/- $4,000. Thus, all the money you make from there on out goes straight into your pocket rather than paying the bank.
  2. College is a joke. How is it with all this technology that college tuition continues to increase at a rate higher than inflation? All the f**king classes are on the internet! Ok moving on, college is good if you want to be a doctor. Not even so much if you want to be an engineer. I worked with plenty of engineers who sat in cubicles day after day performing work you could train a secretary to do in less than a week.
  3. Most people don’t know what is going on. When you’re 20, you walk around thinking the older folks are wiser and know more about life than you. That’s not necessarily true. Chances are they have fallen in one or both traps laid out above and if you play it smart you can avoid both of them and technically be ahead of them in life at a very young age.
  4. Politics don’t matter. What runs this country? Money. Who has the money? Corporations. If you want a certain politician to vote a certain way what do you do? Go pay a lobbyist to “influence” said politician. Thus, it’s easy to see that companies run everything and not politicians. At the end of the day they do the big corp’s bidding.
  5. Fashion. Some rich, exoskeleton looking people in Italy wear some stupid sh** and thus follow the sheep around the globe mimicking the “beautiful designs” of the Milan fashion scene. The sheep follow this. The people in Milan get rich, while the sheep, dressed funnily, lose money.
  6. Things are setup to make you a slave:
    1. Credit cards – favorite tool of the powers at large to create slaves a la the credit score game. To be a good little player of the game you must pay your credit card bill on time every month. If you do, then you get a good score. If you don’t your score begins to drop meaning it will be tougher for you to buy more sh**.
    2. Mortgage – Ultimate slave tool. This will easily make a slave out of someone for at least 30 years.
    3. Fashion – Like I said, some rich exoskeleton folks in Milan wearing ugly crap, walk down an aisle, prancing around, and the sheep around the world begin buying this crap like crazy. Not that this will put you into debt, but it does play into (a) and is just stupid.
    4. College – Good if you want to be a doctor. Not really good for any other career. If you don’t get a full scholarship, expect to go into debt. Upon graduation, expect to pay back the debt, while sealing yourself in as a slave.
  7. Quit your corporate job before age 35 to avoid a life of mediocrity. I won’t venture into too much detail here. Suffice to say that spending your life at a company, sitting in a cubicle, playing passive aggressive games is just dumb. That’s no way to spend the best years of your life. Go down in a blaze!

As it stands now, most people continue to work harder in the hopes of buying bigger and better houses, bigger and better furniture and cars, and other fashionable “trinkets”. These folks never take a step back from the situation to see what in the hell they’re actually doing. They are sheep doing what everyone else is doing, because the majority can never be wrong, mistaken, manipulated right?

Me? I’d rather live in a cabin up in the mountains, owning my cabin, and passing my days reading, writing, and fishing. You don’t need a college degree nor a mortgage nor credit card to do that 🙂

I got more where that came from and you can read more stuff like this on my blog here.

3 thoughts on “Quora continuing to censor the truth

  1. Wow great job..let Quora go to hell.go ahead James we r with u…but I really need ur help to quite my job…as you mentioned to help us …I hope u will help me …thanks

  2. So true, they were talking about how racist the south is, so I stated I had never seen so much blatant racism than when I was in Boston. I gave this example and the censored me even thought I censored the curse words myself! Myself and two other white men were waiting for a bus, when a young black man approached us and politely asked for the time, after which he thanked the man, after he walked away said man looked dead at me and said “can yo believe the f*cking n*gger just did that”! I was stunned and appalled, after hearing my whole life how accepting the north is, that was just ONE in MANY racist instances that proved that wrong! But we cannot have the truth about the SOOOO PROGRESSIVE north!

  3. That’s how Quora is, bunch of fake-ass people with a whole bunch of fake-ass questions and answers. The answers are all generic and real opinions get downvoted and hidden.

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