Personal update on what I’m doing

This post is more of a personal post serving to update you all on what I’ve been up to and which direction I’m headed with this so-called blog.

I hate to even call this a blog. I don’t want to be a “blogger” and I don’t want to write mediocre crap.

However, all bloggers write incremental crap and how could it ever be anything different?

In order to be a good writer, you’ve got to read and write a lot.  Full-time bloggers who make money blogging have to write posts 2-3 times per week, and do social media work around the clock. This easily requires 8+ hours or more likely 10 hours a day. Where’s the time for reading? There is none. It doesn’t exist. Thus it logically follows these bloggers will continue to remain mediocre writers while serving the CONTENT GODS, churning out mediocre content daily.

My life before I got famous on Quora consisted of me reading a wide variety of topics, studying and taking notes and meditating deeply on what I read. I had no deadlines and nothing pressing me. Nobody was requiring me or making me read and study and think. I did (do) it because that’s what I love to do. It’s my passion.

I wrote two articles on Quora that went viral overnight. One dealt with corporate corruption (since removed by Quora) the other how to make huge money with drones. These two posts instantly brought me thousands of visitors daily to my little website and I scrambled to figure out what I should do. So I transformed my once simple website into something that now looks and feels pretty cool.

So thousands of visitors plus hundreds of emails, plus podcasts interviews etc and I feel like I now have a clearer vision as to where the two possible paths I could take will lead.

On one path, the path of full time blogger, I can make some incremental money, slowly scaling it over time, so that sooner or later I could make a pretty decent income just off of that alone. It will entail 10+ hour days, posting on social media all the time, writing 2-3 blog posts per week, and reading very little. Like I said above, how can a person learn anything if they are writing all the time and not reading? It’s impossible.

The other path is similar to what I was doing before I became “famous”. It entails me cooling off on writing blog posts, social media, etc opting instead for more in-depth reading/studying with no deadlines, no pressure, no nothing. Simply time to learn and gain insight.

True, I could write a lot of new age guru bullshit posts about “10 steps to happiness” or “How to meditate daily” or anything else that’s popular on Quora and the internet in general, but I’m not going to sell out like that. I’d rather write nothing at all than to write that shit.

My goal is to be original and write original content. Period. There are some original authors out there right now, such as Nassim Taleb who has a fitting quote that pertains to the direction I’m going:

“For the classics philosophical insight was the product of a life of leisure; for me a life of leisure is the product of philosophical insight.”

This is all to say that there are huge opportunities out there for people who take the time to learn and understand things at a functional level how businesses and making money works. For me, it was connecting the dots between big business inspections and drones. For you, it may be something else – something you have a unique insight about.

I don’t want to be another blogger posting incremental, new-age, unimportant and unoriginal crap. My goal is to be original. And there really is only one way to do so – read, read, and then read some more. And then take time to think about all you’ve read. Then create original content. This is what I’m going to be doing. Feel free to email me, I’ll get back to you, although it may not be for a few days.






71 thoughts on “Personal update on what I’m doing

  1. With all due respect, and I mean, your posts are great, I’m just curious- In today’s day and age, is it even possible for anything to be truly original. Or even so, is it possible for a person to be consistently original?

    1. True, you could say everything has been done under the sun…It just so happens that I was probably one of the first to make a ton of cash flying drone inspections and so I wrote about it and it went viral. So yes, that was original. I do agree with you though, it is tough to be original these days with all of this noise/information flying around. Anyhow, I’m setting the bar for myself high. I don’t want to be another Altucher spitting out incremental bullshit.

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