How to start a company with no money (FREE)

It’s easy to start a company for free. In fact if you want to get right down into the heart of the matter, more money is made being a middle man than in other types of businesses i.e. web design.

So what follows is an explanation and description of how you can start a web design and SEO marketing company for free. It’s super easy to do and you’ll make a lot of money while not having to work very much. Without further ado, let’s rock!

I’ll lay out each of the steps and elaborate on them a bit. If you’d like a more in-depth or technical explanation, please let me know so in the comments and I’ll respond accordingly.


Step #1 – Find someone who is a decent web designer and developer and ask them to create a company with you. You’ll supply the clients and he can do the work. Negotiate the split 50/50, 70/30, etc.

Step #2 – Create legal biz formation

  • Sole Prop
  • LLC
  • Corp

Step #3 – Open business bank account

Step #4 – Have web designer design website, biz cards, etc.

Step #5 – Google businesses in your city, starting with different sectors. For example, if you live in Dallas Texas you’ll type “auto repair Dallas Tx” and then look at the listings.

  • get a pen and paper or open a google doc and notate the businesses that have shitty websites. Jot down their business address and general contact info.
  • Visit these businesses. Your business speech is simple “Your website is out of date and isn’t good. We need to update it so that you’re more in line with your competitors”. Remember, you’re dealing with businesses and businesses have money (they should at least).
  • Go through your list of businesses that you made from Google and at the end you should have plenty of jobs.
  • Send the list of jobs to your web designer/developer.

Result – you’ve just made a few thousand dollars and haven’t really had to lift a finger to do so. Your job, connect the business owners with the web designer. That’s it.

You can also do or combine this framework with SEO marketing. It’s the same principle:

Step #1 – Find someone who can perform decent SEO work.

Step #2 – Google companies in your city i.e. “Chiropractors Dallas TX” to get your search results.

Step #3 – Visit all of the companies who appear on page 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Your sales pitch “You’re quadruple your earnings if you get on page #1.  So instead of doing all these other marketing things you’re doing it’s best to focus on SEO so you can make bigger money”.

Step #4 – Rinse and repeat.

Using the above framework you can essentially create any web-based company for free and utilize other people’s strengths in different areas. Your job: to make sales calls to companies and get them on board with redesigning their site or performing SEO work or ideally both. Landing a company that wants SEO work done is ideal because you’ll be making some nice recurring monthly income from the SEO work.

Understand – if you succeed in getting an SEO contract, bill it monthly or weekly whatever you prefer. And keep it up for a year. Next stack multiple companies that need SEO work. The result is monthly recurring income for little required work (on your part).

Leave me a comment should you have any questions!



6 thoughts on “How to start a company with no money (FREE)

  1. Hi James! I’ve been talking to a web designer who told me that he rather create new websites from scratch, than to do SEO on old (even obsolete) websites. He believes that’s too much work. What is your opinion?

  2. Hi James! I’ve been talking to a web designer who told me that he rather create new websites from scratch, than to do SEO on old (even obsolete) websites. He believes that’s too much work. What is your opinion?

  3. Damn!!
    You are awesome!
    There is a company charging 6K to do this same thing!
    Thanks for sharing the information!

  4. Only works if you happen to know that decent web designer/ SEO guru.
    And what if you don’t?

    I have several brilliant ideas for Apps and no s/w engineer to bring them to life.
    How about 70/30 split if you bring one?;)

    1. Most are decent. Hell most everyone in India is decent (in the sense of designing garden variety websites).

      I consider all ideas, especially if they are brilliant! 70 me 30 you right? 😛

  5. Hi, James. I am really enjoying your blog articles; could you please give me a more in-depth explanation about starting your own business for free? This sounds very interesting to me.

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