Personal update on what I’m doing

This post is more of a personal post serving to update you all on what I’ve been up to and which direction I’m headed with this so-called blog. I hate to even call this a blog. I don’t want to be a “blogger” and I don’t want to write mediocre crap. However, all bloggers write […]

Screw Amazon – they think we are idiots

Amazon – the huge company that is hurting companies like Best Buy and Walmart and putting other (smaller) companies out of business entirely is moving in a more hidden insidious manner. Now if selling books, goods, movies, and controlling your home (echo) wasn’t enough, Amazon is now attempting to place themselves in between small businesses […]

Good employees quit or corporate employees are mediocre

GOOD EMPLOYEES QUIT OR CAREER EMPLOYEES ARE MEDIOCRE Good employees quit because they value themselves. Companies are chock full of employees who span the gamut of experience, intelligence, and goals. Some employees are happy to just have a job and get a paycheck while others are looking for a challenge, something to stretch their minds […]


How to start a company with no money (FREE)

It’s easy to start a company for free. In fact if you want to get right down into the heart of the matter, more money is made being a middle man than in other types of businesses i.e. web design. So what follows is an explanation and description of how you can start a web […]