Quora censoring me because I tell the truth & popular

I joined Quora about a month ago. If you look at my Quora stats they are currently 1.1k followers, 916k answer views, 905k this month. In reality I’ve got over 2 million answer views in 30 days. This doesn’t show because Quora is limiting the answers I write and collapsing/removing them. You probably want to know why. Trust me, so do I.

My first answer I wrote on Quora that went viral dealt with corrupt practices of Corporations. It got something close to 500k views and then Quora collapsed it.

Yesterday, I wrote two answers on Quora that were on the same path to going viral (receiving quick, numerous upvotes) dealing with:
(1) the health supplement scam industry;
(2) corrupt practices of HR departments.

You guessed it, Quora collapsed these two answers asking for relevant affiliations. Why in the hell would there be any relevant affiliation for this s**t?

It’s very interesting as well because there was another gentleman who wrote an answer similar to mine about the health supplement scam industry and his answer did not get collapsed.

This all leads me to believe that I’m being targeted by Quora. Maybe it’s because I talk in a direct no bulls**t manner. More likely it’s because I tell the f**king truth about the way things are. What I do know is they are collapsing every answer I write that begins to go viral.

Let this be a lesson – even Quora is a corporation. They are validating everything that I say by collapsing it. So if you ever questioned whether or not what I am writing about is true, then consider your question answered in the affirmative.

3,172 thoughts on “Quora censoring me because I tell the truth & popular

  1. Quora censors like nobody’s business; and of course the sneering answer-monkeys get a power-gasm from saying “EWWWW, it’s not censorship, it’s a PRIVATE COMPANY!” (And they do it by the hundreds, as if nobody else had the same idea before).
    They’re so busy pretending they’re smart and superior, that it flies right over their little heads that censorship applies to ANY restriction of speech, private or public, and that also there IS an implied contract when it comes to reliance on stated rules– and not surprisingly, they’re typically engineers or other technies rather than attorneys, and thus don’t understand basic law.
    Also not surprisingly, they are always piping up with something stupid and acting like they’re God’s consultant on truth– like how Hillary was going to destroy Trump in the election LOL

    1. 100% agree. They are in the business of making people stupid rather than intelligent (and helping). In other words, Quora is the problem or at least part of the problem by contributing such a large chunk of unimportant and stupid information. Oh how I wish someone or company would create a like site that didn’t block and delete answers contrary to some high up rat’s belief system. And think about it – what high up corporate rat would like hearing that being a corporate rat is a waste of a life?

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