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How to quit your job in 90 days

If you like the below post, I’ll teach you how to quit your job in 90 days. I did it at age 32, married with three kids, mortgage and debt. I speak from experience, not from some theoretical bullshit position. Or if you like, I’ll show you step-by-step how I made over $50,000 in 7 days with a drone. It took me maybe 14 hours worth of work!

99% of the meetings are stupid. I held a corporate legal job where we discussed period and comma placement and margin width for hours on end. We did this weekly. Every single meeting we ever had was stupid, pointless, and nothing ever got accomplished save for some moron asking “when is the next meeting”? Here are 10 things corporate meetings have in common.

99% of your co-workers are passive aggressive. This means subtle comments, giggling behind your back, whispering, and gossip.
Corporations love their employees to become bogged down in office politics. Why? Because they don’t want their workers to see what’s really going on – namely getting paid sh$# to do mind numbing work while hoping to get a $5,000 end of year raise.

Your boss hates and fears you. If you come up with a good idea, then chances are your boss will pawn it off as their own. If your boss doesn’t do that then they’ll quietly and effectively shut your great idea down. Heck, they may even tell you that your idea isn’t great or good but sucks. Imagine this: you’re 30 years old, bright, and have several years experience. Your boss is older at 55+ years of age. Do you think that they are going to have your best interests in mind? What is that saying again? People are selfish? Duh. So don’t think for a second that your boss is your friend nor has your best interests in mind. They don’t because at the end of the day they only care about themselves.

Your company doesn’t care about you. Companies are machines. Their sole function is to make money for “shareholders” They are designed to get the most work out of their employees for the cheapest price. READ***NO ONE GETS RICH FROM WORKING AT A COMPANY***save for the CEO. Companies dangle carrots in front of employees’s faces such as “new company gym”, “end-of-year raise” “on site coffee shop”, and on.

HR DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU. Like I said, corporations are designed with one goal and one goal only – to make money. With that being said, whose side is HR on? The employee’s side who may have a $20 million dollar claim against the corporation for sexual harassment? Who pays the HR employee’s salary? Are you following along? I sure hope so. People are selfish and an HR employee isn’t going to bite the hand that feeds them (the corporation). So please do yourself a favor and don’t believe for one nanosecond that HR is “on your side”. That’s complete bullsh$%. Also, if we drill down a bit further some interesting things begin to appear. Have you noticed the “revolving door” at corporations within the HR department? Why is it that HR workers tend to not stay around for long? I propose an answer – it’s because HR workers handle potential multi-million dollar claims, and if an employee talks to an HR person and gives over a lot of info, and then the HR person is suddenly fired, leaves the company, or goes on “indefinite medical leave”, then the corporation will claim that they don’t have access to the HR worker’s records and as such will claim they didn’t know about the claim. Food for thought.

YOU’RE AN IDIOT IF YOU THINK YOU’LL GET RICH. Einstein supposedly said that the “definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing expecting different results”. Let’s apply his rubric to working at a corporation. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of workers are your corporation. How many working for the corporation are millionaires? Maybe 5. How many make $250k per year? Maybe 10–15. The real question is, is did these people making the big money get their position based on Merit or by luck or because they were good friends with someone who gave it to them? Don’t kid yourself, you may reach a certain “higher” up level by being good, but only the highest of the high “rich” ranks are gained by those who are (a) lucky, or (b) friends with someone who helps them. So how stupid is it for everyone working at the company to have these big dreams of getting rich, driving fast cars, and taking expensive vacations? Very, considering that maybe only 1 in 20 will get there. Heck, the odds may be closer to 1 in 50. To be clear, YOU DON’T GET RICH BY HAVING CEILINGS PLACED ON HOW MUCH MONEY YOU EARN. CORPORATIONS PLACE CEILINGS ON EVERYONE WHO WORKS FOR THEM.

Be very very suspicious of verbal assignments. This could easily take the #1 spot on a top 10 list of ways to screw employees. It works like this – verbally give some vague, off the wall assignment to your employee. Then in a couple of days in an important meeting, call the employee out in front of everyone in the meeting, telling them they didn’t complete the assignment on time. Be aware!

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