It always feels like work, when you’re not doing what you want

It always feels like work when you’re not doing what you want! And why wouldn’t it?  This is the perfect metaphor for describing your corporate job. There you are, sitting behind your desk, looking at a million row excel file, full of pointless numbers and mind numbing detail. WTF! That’s no way to live. Inside your head, you’re dreaming about working out, reading a good book, fixing the house, shopping, or drinking a glass of wine while sitting under a big tree at the park.

All the while your company is paying you a small salary and dangling a carrot (end-of-year-raise) in front of your face, wishing with all their heart that you’ll take out a mortgage, have kids, buy a car, and take on more debt, to further solidify you as their slave.

Understand: your company does not want you to realize what’s going on. Let me give a quick example to show you what I’m talking about.

We all know meetings are pointless. Nothing ever gets accomplished in meetings. Zero. Zilch. The only thing that does get accomplished is a bunch of small talk and stupid ass jokes that more than likely offend someone. Now don’t you think companies know and understand the fact that nothing gets accomplished in meetings? Of course they do. They require meetings for a far more sinister reason – to put all the workers in the pressure cooker, embroil them in politics, gossip, and boring s**t for hours on end, draining the creative energy and gusto of all involved. This is by design.

Companies want their workers to be scared to quit. Scared to leave the frail hand of the corporate machine to try and strike it on their own. This is torture at its worst form.

Now imagine your life if you were doing what you want everyday. Would you necessarily require a million dollars to do it? Or if you were creative enough couldn’t you find a way to quit and make ends meet, while freeing up your time and life, living the way you were meant to? Of course you can. I can show you how if you’d like.

The point is this – life is too short to live it out like a caged animal in a zoo. You should do everyday whatever it is that you want to do. The result – you’re working, doing the thing you love and want to do. Nothing more, nothing less. You’re now happy and at peace.

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