8 thoughts on “Easily make $500 per day with this SIMPLE HACK! It’s so easy it’s FUNNY!

    1. I’m sure it is…My opinion is, do it until a cop tells you not to. To be clear, I hardly believe you’d be forced to pay a fine. After all, if you’re painting someone’s curb at their house, they are in fact giving you permission to do it. And since it’s private property, and the property owner is giving you permission, then keep rolling! I hope this helps!

    2. In the states I lived in, your property stops at the sidewalk. You still have to maintain the easement (cut grass grass and stuff) but it’s owned by the city.

      1. I find it hard to believe the city would penalize you for putting your home # on the curb. They don’t have the money or workforce for that kind of enforcement

  1. I think this is brilliant.
    As an uber driver, I have the darndest time trying to find the house number at night. I would say about 70% don’t have one. The glow in the dark tip solves this. Probably a good idea to pitch this when they are in my car. 🙂

    p.s. great website.

  2. This is Creative work James. By the way, I am waiting for the second part of your Ebook about making money by drones. Is there any way you can sell those drones by yourself? I am really interested.

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