Biggest Scam I’ve ever seen

Want to lose weight, clear acne, increase libido and health? Start a health supplement company!!! Great, all you need to do is grab some tea bags, throw em in a nice modern looking bag, put a nice label on it, and then tell everyone is makes you lose weight, clear acne, increase libido and increase […]

What are some common and uncommon manipulations in the workplace?

Verbal assignments – this is your boss’s favorite weapon. It works like this – give your best employee a vague verbal assignment and then in an important meeting, ask the employee if they have finished a task (related to the verbal assignment). Of course, the employee will not have finished it and will be embarrassed […]

how do i quit my job

Quora censoring me because I tell the truth & popular

I joined Quora about a month ago. If you look at my Quora stats they are currently 1.1k followers, 916k answer views, 905k this month. In reality I’ve got over 2 million answer views in 30 days. This doesn’t show because Quora is limiting the answers I write and collapsing/removing them. You probably want to know […]


How To Defeat Passive Aggressive People

Passive aggressiveness is an excellent ***read***EXCELLENT offensive weapon. It also sucks to be on the receiving end of a passive aggressive maniac. You’ll encounter passive aggressive types in both (1) the workplace, and (2) relationships. I’m going to outline the common traits between passive aggressive warriors and then I’ll describe how to DEFEAT THEM (Using […]