Why my wife questioned my Spanish

For those of you who know me, you know that I speak Spanish and Portuguese. I began learning Spanish in 2nd grade. Naturally, I gravitated towards “las palabras malas” or the bad words. But piecing these words together with other phrases led me down the road to speaking Spanish. Then one day I met my […]

10 things corporate meetings have in common

If you currently work for a company or don’t but still want a glimpse of what meetings at companies look like then this is for you. The all important meeting is a staple when working at a company. In fact chances are if you’ve worked for a company for a few years, you have entire […]

It’s hot and hell is coming!

We all know the story of the frog who jumps into the pot of cold water. If not here is a short summary. A frog seeing a pot of cold water jumps in. He begins swimming around, ducking his head underwater, and laughing because he’s at peace in his nice little pot of water. Without […]

On annual eye exams

Somewhere back in the day during law school I read a small snippet about eye doctors and their continued existence. Not too long ago,  the vocation of eye doctoring was in jeopardy. People would go get an eye exam, receive a pair of glasses fitted with the corresponding prescription, and that was that. If they […]

Regarding my writing style

Just a quick note about my writing style on this blog. I’m using this blog as a place where I can “brain dump” the things that come across my mind, catalog and organize them. That’s it. I’m choosing to leave out the numerous arguments for and against the positions I take because to include those […]