Things went to hell and then I snapped

**Updated Note** 05/05/2016 The boss mentioned in this story has been demoted to a lower position than the one I had when the party was my boss. What goes around comes around. We packed up and moved to Amarillo, Texas for this higher paying job, lower cost of living “big dream”. We rented an apartment […]

Think twice if someone says something crazy

At this point in time we had been in Denver for a couple of years, I’d received two promotions, and we had our first child. Work was you know – boring but manageable. We made some decent money with the tea biz and got big enough to threaten some bigger companies. Some of them even […]

Moving towards the abyss

To recap – I’m working in a big company doing boring mind numbing work and thinking that there has got to be more to life than living like this. I read a quote by Einstein one day which said “The definition of insane is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a […]

Corporate psychology & baby steps

  To recap from my previous post I am here: (1) realizing how truly crazy this world is as evidenced by the seemingly limitless contradictions present everywhere, (2) having my soul/creativity/life/hopes/dreams sucked from me daily working in the corporate suit world, (3) while at the same time believing that there is an opposite side to […]