Moving towards the abyss

To recap – I’m working in a big company doing boring mind numbing work and thinking that there has got to be more to life than living like this.

I read a quote by Einstein one day which said “The definition of insane is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result”. I applied this to my situation as follows: Is it not crazy for everyone who works at a company or for someone else to have dreams of big houses, fast cars, and a free life? After all if you do the same thing as everyone else but think that for some reason you deserve to be the rich one, then you’re absolutely insane! This is what everyone who works at a company thinks. Companies/corporations are built on the foundation of Marxism which means pay the workers just enough to keep them coming back to work the next day. You could think of it like a $5,000 year end raise or whatever. At first blush you’re super happy about it, but in reality this is nothing but a cheap attempt at keeping you coming back to the rat race for another year. Combine this with a “cool new company gym” and you’re probably starting to get the picture. Anyhow the point is that no one ever got rich from working at a company. The only ones who do get rich are the ones that own the company.

Taking this exercise a step further – there are in fact some people who do get rich from working at a company like the CEO, VP, etc…These people are the exception, not the rule. Even fools get lucky. And chances are about 99.9% of them got to the high ranking spot, not by being smart or saavy, but through office politics and ass kissing and having the insane ability to sit through stupid ass meetings day in day out. If you want to move up to a high ranking VP position and get some nice perks, then be prepared to swallow the hard pill that you’ll get there through politics and not on ability.

Also consider that these “high ranking” positions are the least desirable since you could get fired at a moments notice. If you’re following along closely you’ll see the links – you move up in a company by being good at politics. If you move up because you’re good at politics, then expect to be targeted by politics. The targeting only increases as your position in the company rises. Do you really want to be 50 years old and getting fired because someone flat out does not like you? That’s the risk you’re taking by working for a company.

Tease this out a bit further and consider that if you do in fact move up in the company and you’re great at politics, will you ever be able to dress/say/act the way you want? Of course not! Why? Because you’re going to have to try and please everyone, which is absolutely impossible!!!

Ok back to my story. I’m working day in day out in Denver thinking about all of these brand new thoughts that flashed into my head and smashed it to bits. It took a few months of contemplating all of this new stuff for it to finally settle in and make sense. After all, thinking about life this way is not what we are taught! Could it actually be the case that most of what we are told/taught is simply not true? I was beginning to think that this was the case.

So I started to build a online ecommerce tea company specializing in imported Yerba Mate from Argentina. I had a big learning curve with the marketing, dev, accounting work but I slowly but surely wrapped my head around it. I did this all while working full time at my “analyst” job and law school.

I remember the very first day we went live on the internet we made a sale. It was then that I realized there was another side to the coin. It was like scales had fallen off my eyes and I could finally see. Day after day, sale after sale, a different worldview started to emerge and solidify my beliefs that things are not what they appeared to be.

I continued on with full time work, law school, and running the new tea company. Little did I knows that my family and I were living in the calm before the storm. And the hurricane was just around the corner.

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