Asymmetry and why Piers Morgan is trash

Asymmetry means lack of symmetry. Asymmetry is interesting because it can lead to tremendous benefits but also to disastrous downfalls. It all depends on where you or something else falls on the asymmetry. A quick example is say that I know a year in advance that the weather is going to be great during the […]

10 reasons We are Unhappy

I summarized the below points from Pascal’s Pense’s 136. They give you the gist of his argument. The main reason people are unhappy is because they are not content merely being at home inside their house. Most wars would never happen if powerful men were content and knew how to stay home and enjoy it. […]


Minor ramblings against HR

If you’ve read my previous posts you probably already know some of the reasons. If you think that HR is your friend, then my friend this post is for you. Take notes. Also you could call some of this legal advice but since I’m not a practicing lawyer, take it lightly but not too lightly. […]