The Beginning

Prior to the beginning which occurred from 2012-2013, I was the typical college grad type who thought if you keep your head down and work hard things will be ok. You can probably guess from this that I worked at a soul sucking company.

In addition to this idea, I was super impressed by credentials – namely Phd, MBA, JD types. I decided to get a JD. I definitely DO NOT recommend doing this and to put it as nicely as possible, it’s a bunch of bullshit. Anyone that gets off in scouring over mind numbing papers and data day in and day out has mental issues that need to be looked at.

Anyhow at this time the presidential elections were under way and I began to notice/discover huge contradictions: quick disclaimer – I don’t affiliate with Republicans, Democrats, etc because they all contradict each other and do not make any sense whatsoever. If you get offended by what follows then I apologize, but not really.

It’s impossible to have a Christian Democrat because Democratic beliefs violate Christian principles on a fundamental level.

1st Contradiction

  1. Democrats are both (1) anti-death penalty, and (2) pro-abortion. In other words don’t kill criminals who have committed repulsive acts, but if a woman wants to kill a child, then by all means, let her do so.

2nd Contradiction

  1. Naturally the contradiction continues when you observe that a Democrat will fight tooth and nail to “save” some obscure type of rat that is protected, while at same time being pro-abortion.

I’ve thought of more repulsive contradictions but the above two should suffice in making the general point which is this shit does not make sense.

I want to repeat, I’m only showing contradictions not promoting Republicans who are just as if not more repulsive. Think Monsanto, big banks, and matrix type corporations who suck the life out of everyone they touch.

This was the beginning of my life changing transformation. I walked the streets of Denver for the next two years pondering these points and others and came to realize there was another side to the coin – a side that I was going to live in no matter the cost. My next steps: preparing to jump into the dark abyss.


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